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Family Solicitors in Farnham

Family Solicitors in Farnham

firefox Solicitors Farnham name will help provide you with information of what family solicitors can do, they typically help an individual experiencing a family dispute. Disputes will range from Child custody to family disputes. Family solicitors will specialise in financial settlements on divorce. The main areas of expertise for a family lawyer, will include civil partnerships, matters involving children, inheritance claims, disputes involving cohabitation, pre-nuptial agreements and Child Support Agency (CSA) claims.

Our main areas of practice can be summarised as follows:

Family Solicitors in Farnham can help discuss Divorce

firefox See more information on Solicitors Farnham's Divorce lawyers on. Typically divorce solicitors help with all manner of issues relating to divorce. Sometime a fixed fee service might be offered or if things are more complicated than a slightly more in-depth procedure might be required.

Family Solicitors in Farnham can help discuss Financial Settlements on Divorce

firefox Clients of family solicitors can come from many different backgrounds and help resolve financial disputes upon divorce. They can typically deal with financial issues arising from divorce proceedings.

Family Solicitors in Farnham can help discuss Children Matters

firefox Family Solicitors in Farnham deal with residence and contact disputes with regularity and also discuss issues about who will have custody of the children after a split has occurred.

Family Solicitors in Farnham can help discuss Pre-Nuptial Agreements

firefox There are many off the peg pre nuptial agreements that could suit a lot of couples looking to marry. Agreements can also be tailored in respect of what the couple themselves need. There are a wide range of family solicitors in Farnham that can provide information on the best ways to approach a pre nuptial agreement.

Family Solicitors in Farnham can help discuss Civil Partnerships

firefox Our family solicitors are sensitive to the individual needs of same-sex couples. We can advise civil partners either upon relationship breakdown, in respect of disputes over children or regarding pre-partnership agreements. Read more about civil partnerships.

Family Solicitors in Farnham can help discuss Child Support Agency (CSA) and Child Maintenance

firefox Some of our family solicitors specialise in CSA disputes and have detailed knowledge of this very technical area of law. Read more about Child Support Agency (CSA) disputes.

Family Solicitors in Farnham can help discuss Inheritance Act Claims

firefox We are able to advise when either seeking to bring or defend a claim under the Inheritance Act where there is a dispute over an estate. Read more about inheritance act claims.

firefox Solicitors Farnham can provide information about accident solicitors in England and Farnham and the surrounding areas including: Farnham, Farnborough, Aldershot, Addlestone, Fleet, Horsley, Clandon and surrounding areas and Surrounding Areas